Taipei Duct is laminator and converter of flexible packaging products, specializing in related aluminum foil, metallized film, plastic film and paper lamination to suit diversified industries application.

We currently focus on radiant barrier, reflective insulation, reflective foil insulation, foil vapor barrier, and the related foil insulation to building, construction, HVAC, cryogenic, cold storage, and industry application. We have the ability to produce and laminate almost any foil-facing insulation material.


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Building & Construction
Industrial Materials
Cable & Wire
Industrial Materials
1. Reflective Insulation, Radiant Barrier
2. Perforated Reflective Foil Insulation
3. Insulation Tape & Duct Tape
4. Foil Vapor Barrier & Tape
5. Cold Insulation, Vapor Barrier Jacketing
6. Zero Perm Plus Vapor Barrier
7. Flexible Duct
8. Duct & Pipe Wrap
9. Underground Warning Tape
1. Single Side Alum Foil/Mylar
2. Double Sides Alum Foil/Mylar
3. Heat-Sealable Alum Foil Mylar Tape
4. Mylar Tape
5. Roll up Wrap Mylar Tape
Roll up Wrap Alum/Mylar
6. Foam Polypropylene Strip, Cotton
Non-Woven Strip
Electronic & Computer Industrial Materials
1. Static Shielding & Moisture Barrier Bags: Vacuum grade
2. Static Shielding & Moisture Barrier Bags: General grade
3. Static Shielding Bags: Vacuum & General grade
4. Anti-Static Bags
5. Wafer Bags
Food & Beverage Packaging
1. Powder Substances Packaging
2. Stand Pouches
3. Custom Packaging For Sauces
4. Multi-Layer Poly-Cello
5. Formed Packaging
6. Custom Packaging For Beverages
7. Gas-Filled Packaging
8. Vacuum Bags
9. Easy Open Film
10. High Temperature Sterilization Bags
11 Tea & Coffee Pouches
12 Aluminum Foil For Bottle Capping


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