Provides an outstanding barrier that reduces water vapor transmission to practically zero. Aluminum foil has been laminated between 2 layers of Polyester film, thus preventing the ingress of vapor moisture, salt spray, corrosion, oxidization, chemical reactions, oils, greases, and other causticity damage.

Applicable to polyurethane, polyisocyanurate, phenolic, cellular glass, nitrile rubber, polystyrene, urethane as secondary vapor barrier, but can be used as primary vapor barrier under a protective jacketing for cryogenic, low temperature, cold storage, petrochemical projects, and specialty industries including liquefied natural gas (LNG), liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), ammonia, ethylene, butane, propane, methanol, LN2, etc. Specify for replacement for mastics, rubber sheeting, glass cloth, and other interior and exterior jacketing materials.


* Absolute vapor barrier
* Extreme tear resistance
* Extreme puncture resistance
* Great temperature application
  -70°C to 120°C
* Lightweight and flexible
* Easy to cut and quick to install
* Fast, and safe installation
* Low maintenance costs
* Works well in all climates
* Environmental friendliness,
  safety, and non-toxicity
* Fire rating : Class 1/Class A
Aluminium foil sandwiched
between two layers of polyester
12 µm polyester film
25 µm aluminium foil film
12 µm polyester film
Total thickness
54 µm (2.3 mils)
Temperature range
+120°C to -70°C
Volumetric mass
1.93 kg/dm3
Water vapour permeability
0.00 perms
Tensile strength
Yield strength
Tear resistance (Elmendorf)
119 Mpa (17,300 psi)
70 N /cm (40 Ibs/inch)
400 g /mm
Flame Spread
Smoke Development

Available width: 35.5" (0.90 meter), 1 meter, and 1.22 meter
Color: Silver and white

Zero Perm Pressure Sensitive Tape

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