Vapor Clad Foil Barrier Jacketing

Multilayered laminate with pressure sensitive adhesive.

Vapor Clad is a peel off and self adhesive design requiring no additional mastics or adhesives to create a seal. It is an advanced and economical alternative insulation for replacement of mastics, glass fiber cloth, butyl sheeting, and other types of insulation materials. Its excellent weathering and UV resistant properties make it for both indoor & outdoor applications.

Vapor Clad installs easily and fast, which eliminates the needs for expensive off-site fabrication. An adhesive taped product requires no screws, velvets or sealants, reducing the possibility of human error and repair. It is lightweight, flexible and easy to cut without special tools, allowing for low labor cost. Multi-layer laminated construction provides resistance to absolute moisture ingress and other harsh environmental conditions. Vapor Clad can be used over most types of thermal insulation including cellular glass, polyurethane, polyisocyanurate, polystyrene and rigid fibrous.


Typical Values
Material Thickness
Without liner
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Overlap Adhesion
Tensile Strength
Tear Strength
Bursting Strength
Puncture Resistance
Water Vapor Permeance
Service Temperature
Flame/Smoke Rating

Available width: 0.5m, 23", 35.5", 1m, and 46" for Smooth and Embossed Finish
Color: Silver, White and Black

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