Static Shielding Bags : Metallic Laminated,
Vacuum and General grade

Double or three layers anti-static material laminated.

Nylon layer for vacuum pack.

Useful for general electronic parts, mother boards, IC boards, etc.

Specification ESD-B2-94105 General grade ESD-B3-111 Vacuum grade
Double layers anti-static material lamination. Three layers anti-static material lamination.
Material Structure ESD-VM-PET// ESD-PE ESD-VM-PET//Nylon//ESD-PE
Total Thickness
(ASTM D792-91)
94 111
(ASTM D792-91)
0.996 1.028
Tensil Strength
(ASTM D638-91)
22 kgs/cm2 22.5 kgs/cm2
Breaking Strength
(ASTM D2381-87)
5.4 kgs/cm2 8.5 kgs/cm2
Moisture Transmission Rate
(ASTM F1249-90)
Less than 5 g/cm2 24Hr.
(ASTM D257-91)
Outer Layer : 10 8-10 ohm/sq.
Inner Layer : 10 9-12 ohm/sq.
Center Layer <= 10 2-4ohm/sq.
Static Decay Test 5kv to 0v. less than 0.1sec. (under 45% Rh, 25o C)

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