Flexible Duct / Duct & Pipe Wrap

Flexible duct for air conditioning, ventilating and heating

Flexible ducts are strong, durable and fire resistant. Unlike rigid ducts that are connected through a series of rigid angle turns, flexible ducts can be installed effectively in minimum time, using even unskilled labor. Their flexibility allows them to align themselves easily into any angles and curve.

Duct (Plain) Duct (Insulated)
Without Insulated Fiberglass Wool
Diameter Available : 4"~14" (10cm~35cm)

With Insulated Fiberglass Wool
Diameter Available : 4"~14" (10cm~35cm)

Duct & Pipe Wrap

Duct wrap provides a low cost and effective insulation / vapor barrier for air conditioning duct and pipe
Width Available: 15mm~1200mm

  • Inner Core Material:
(1) Clear Polyester Film: 12 or 25 micron
(2) Metallized Polyester Film: 12,25 or 40 micron
(3) Single Side Laminated Aluminum Foil:
  Al.foil/Polyester film: 20 or 25 micron
(4) Double Side Laminated Aluminum Foil:
  Al.foil//Polyester//Al.foil film: 30 micron
  • Outer Jacket Material:
(5) PET//Fiberglass scrim//Aluminum foil
(6) PET//Fiberglass scrim//Metallized polyester film

Warning Tape

"Only DuPont Teijin Films Makes Mylar ® brand polyester film."

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