Static Shielding & Moisture Barrier Bags : Aluminum Laminated, General grade

Barrier moisture, static elimination, excellent tension strength.

For high sensitive semiconductor, chemicals, gunpowder, apparatus, sensor, etc.

Increase ESD-PE thickness will provide well-protection of impact for contents.

Specification ESD-A3-105 ESD-A3-125 ESD-A3-135 ESD-A3-145
Material Structure ESD-PET // Alum // ESD-PE
Total Thickness (ASTM D792-91) 105 125 135 145
Density (ASTM D792-91) 1.107 1.091 1.085 1.08
Tensile Strength (ASTM D638-91) Longitudinal: 20 kgs/cm2 up, Transversal: 16 kgs/cm2 up
Breaking Strength
(ASTM D2381-87)
8.5 kgs up
Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate
(ASTM F1249-90)
Less than 0.05 g/cm2 per day (under RH90%, 40oC)
Resistivity (ASTM D257-91) Outer Layer : 10 8-10 ohm/sq
Inner Layer : 10 9-11 ohm/sq
Static Decay Test 5kv to 0v. less than 0.1sec. (under 45% Rh, 25oC)
Electromagnetic Attenuation Pursuant (MIL-B-81705C) Shielding Effectiveness Ranged 6.5 ~ 7 GHz at 45dB
3.5 GHz at 65 dB
Capacitive Probe Pursuant
The maximum peak voltage detected is 12.8V

Static Shielding Bags : Metallic

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