Introduction of Tarpfoil Reflective No Tear Foil Insulation

Tarpfoil is made of single or double-faced aluminum foil with a reinforcement of PE woven fabric to enhance tensile strength, tear resistant, and durability. Unlike other foil-faced material such as kraft paper, PE bubble and PE foam reflective insulation that can be easily torn down. Our PE woven foil insulation has tough and tear-proof features that makes it one of a kind of product.


Kraft paper, PE bubble, and PE foam are usually used as packaging material and have not gained recognition as building material. However PE woven fabric is considered as a good building material because of its high tear strength, flexibility, light weight, and waterproof properties. Further, perforated materials are also available to avoid moisture and condensation problem. Tarpfoil PE woven fabric foil insulation is the most advanced and versatile insulation on the market.


Tarpfoil is available in standard roll size of 4' x 125', 4' x 250', 1.22m x 60m, 1.22m x 100m. We can also provide lengths from DIY small roll or jumbo roll up to 6,600 feet (2,000 meters) and widths up to 5' (1.50m) to meet customer requirement.

Tarpfoil can be widely used in roofs, ceilings, walls, ducts and pipes, basements, water heaters, crawl spaces, and garages in all types of residential, industrial, commercial and agricultural buildings. And it works well in areas with cool, warm, hot, and humid climates.

Our fire retardant insulation products conform to ASTM E84 test standards for surface burning characteristic of building materials and also to NFPA 255, ANSI/UL 723 and UBC8-1 test methods. Our Fire Retardant insulations have the following test results:

Flame spread - Index 25 or less
Smoke developed - Index 50 or less
Fire rating - Class I/ Class A

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