Gas-Filled Packaging Vacuum Bags
Extreme transparency (which increases presentation visibility), gas impermeability, suitable for nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and oxygen packaging, gas leakage and food spoilage preventability.
Gas impermeability (which extends product shelf life and can withstand sterilization of 30 minutes at 85oC), excellent tolerance against coolness (can be used at below 40oC )

Easy Open Film High Temperature Sterilization Bags
Stable lifting strength and low temperature heat-sealing for a number of different materials applications, ability to heat seal mixed contents.
Ability to withstand high temperatures and pressure without deformation during sterilization, exquisite painting surface.

Tea & Coffee Pouches Aluminum Foil For Bottle Capping
Excellent formation qualities, gas impermeability, moisture resistance & transparency.
Low heat-sealing properties, suitable for milk, yogurt or other products sealed in bottle.

Building & Construction Cable & Wire Electronic & Computer Big Size Packaging

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