Static Shielding & Moisture Barrier Bags : Aluminum Laminated, Vacuum grade

This is a top class static barrier bag with 4 layers of film lamination, barrier moisture, and static elimination, also with excellent tension strength. Suggested for use in vacuum packing system for high sensitive semiconductor, chemical, gunpowder, apparatus, sensor, etc.

Nylon layer for vacuum pack. Increase ESD-PE thickness will provide well-protection of impact for contents.

Specification ESD-A4-122 ESD-A4-142 ESD-A4-152 ESD-A4-162
Material Structure ESD-PET // Alum // Nylon // ESD-PE
Total Thickness
(ASTM D792-91)
(ASTM D792-91)
Tensile Strength
(ASTM D638-91)
Longitudinal: 30 kgs/cm2up, Transversal: 25 kgs/cm2 up
Breaking Strength
(ASTM D2381-87)
9 kgs up
Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate
(ASTM D1249-90)
Less than 0.05 g/cm2 per day (under RH90%, 40oC)
Resistivity (ASTM F257-91)
Outer Layer : 10 8-10 ohm/sq.
Inner Layer : 10 9-12 ohm/sq.
Static Decay Test
5kv to 0v. less than 0.1 sec. (under 45% Rh, 25oC)
Electromagnetic Attenuation Pursuant (MIL-B-81705C) Shielding Effectiveness Range
6.5 ~ 7 GHz at 45dB
3.5 GHz at 65 dB
Capacitive Probe Pursuant(EIA-541)
The maximum peak voltage detected is 12.8V

Static Shielding Aluminum Bags General Grade

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