Underground Warning Tape

Underground facilities sometimes are carelessly damaged by excavators during digging. The underground warning tape is placed with its printed logo or wordings side up, about 30cm to 60cm above the buried objects. In the event of construction by excavator, the warning tape will indicate to the excavator of the closeness and the identity of the buried objects.

Although there are conventional plastic film used as warning tape when burying pipes and cables, we still often hear many cases of damage. Obviously, the warning effect of plastic film is not good enough.

Our optimum choice in using a core of PE woven fabric foil warning tape that can be hooked by the excavators without breakage and provides extremely strength, durability, aging resistance, and anticorrosion properties for long life. It is provided with aluminum foil that electromagnetism can be utilized for the detection in advance of excavation.

PE Woven cloth Without Aluminum Foil
PE Woven Cloth With Aluminum Foil
Roll Size:
Width: 50mm to 1000mm (2"-40")
Length: 50 meter to 1000 meter
Printing: Color, logo and words can be done at your request

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